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Shintani Wado Karate Kata DVD Video




Filmed in 2013 in the Cayman Islands and produced in partnership with the Wado Karate Association of Canada, this DVD resource contains over 240 minutes of HD Video. The 9 'primary' kata of Wado are filmed from front and back views, contain audio commentary, and move-by-move explanation. Also included are the 6 'accessory' kata and 'chinto with shindo'. This is a great supplement to the kata text book described below.


The DVD is available for purchase for Canadians and International buyers through Wado Canada.


Wado Karate Kata Textbook on CD

The sold-out limited edition text on Wado kata as taught by founder Hironori Otsuka, written by M. Shintani & G. Reid has been professionally scanned and is now available in PDF format on CD.


Only 500 copies of this book were made available worldwide. To keep Shintani Sensei's true karate-do alive, the book has been preserved in this digital format so that students can continue to learn and study from this valuable resource.

Wado-Kai Karate Kata is written by the late Top Master Masaru Shintani, 9th Dan, and Saiko Shihan Gregory Reid, 8th Dan, both of whom trained with Wado founder Hironori Otsuka and learned the fine points of the kata directly from him.


The kata in this book are described exactly as Otsuka Sensei taught them to his students.

The 360-page, limited edition book contained more than 800 high-quality black and white pictures of Shintani Sensei and Reid Sensei performing the kata, and describing the fine points.


“I look forward to the future when all students under my direction will use this book as a standard reference text,” said Shintani Sensei in a letter to his students and instructors. “This will allow students to train Wado kata exactly as Saiko Shihan Otsuka wished us to, and will honour his memory.”


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